Communication in Business do Better to Succeed

Communication in Business

If I could tell you just one thing that would help your business do better to succeed – it would be to make sure all lines of communication are open throughout the company. I’m not writing this because I don’t think people know this, I’m writing it because business owners need to focus on it a lot more.

It’s so important to have employees/contractors communicate and work effectively together to make something special happen. Great ideas and solid business plans can easily be broken even if you have brilliant people working for you. Communication starts from the top down. If management is respected and communicates with his staff effectively you have a gem on your hands.

A great way to easily measure if your Management is doing a great job at communicating with their staff is to have a peer review in place where each employee fills out a simple form to the owner or HR(if you have HR). This confidential process helps ownership understand if things are going well, especially in medium sized businesses.

Another great visual measure is to see if staff freely go to see Management in person to ask questions or advice. We all can hide behind a computer and type emails but relationships are built with a handshake and some time together. Relationship building and communication is the core of making business happen. Also you should check this you will get marketing information and more about your business online.

Communication in Business

Are you struggling with communication?

If you struggle with communicating with others or feel awkward around certain types of personalities it’s obvious you are not ready to manage a business team yet. Some people are born with it but it can also be learned. Get yourself out in the community and involve yourself in as many social situations as you can and you will see yourself grow. If you’re an owner that struggles with this I strongly suggest getting a manager that is well experienced and use to leading a team.

I love technology and its helping us communicate with each other and stay organized even better. For those of you on the road a lot invest in an iPhone, G1, Blackberry or a good smart phone to have your email at your fingertips. Here are a few free pieces of technology I use to keep communication A1.

  1. Google Sync – If you are not using Google products – that’s ok – because there are tons of options. Google Calendar is just incredible due to the fact that you can share calendars company-wide by just adding each users email address and marketing tools. Some larger more private companies will most likely venture for the Microsoft office suite on their own servers, but for a small company that’s looking to stay competitive and cut costs Google’s suite of products is just amazing.
  2. Microsoft Groove – Groove keeps your content and documents managed extremely well.  It saves versions of documents that different people are working on and the only downfall is if two people update 1 file while they were offline, the later will save when they log back onto the network. –
  3. Dropbox – This is a new gem to the marketplace that is taking off by storm. Dropbox allows companies to sync and share files/folder with a breeze. It even saves deleted documents just in case you delete something by mistake. It’s all hosted completely on Dropbox servers so if your huge in privacy then this or Google may not be your solution, but if you’re looking for low cost – latest technology – ease of use – then this is a great option. –

With any of these three previous mentions your business will work better and the flow of communication will drastically improve. With any Online Business I assume you have employees that are familiar with the web, and for anyone with any web experience these programs are a snap to learn.

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